Ubuntu is a well-liked desktop OS, that uses the Linux kernel, and its server release is getting really popular too. The main reason is that the operating system is extremely light and it will function on almost any hardware without issues, utilizing its resources to the maximum. Ubuntu is also very reliable and secure and all Long-Term Support (LTS) releases are supported for at least 5 years, which guarantees that you should have a safe and dependable software environment on your web hosting server at all times. Also, Ubuntu has one of the largest user communities globally, which means that if you experience any problem or have any question, you'll discover lots of resources on the web. One of the main benefits of this Operating System is that it contains thousands of software packages that can be easily changed according to your needs and the requirements of the applications which you want to run, not to mention that you will not have to pay any license fees any time. In contrast, other Operating Systems are paid and their code isn't accessible, which means that it can't be changed.