Memcached is a distributed memory caching system, which has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its efficiency. It is used to cache calls and responses between a database and the application that’s using it, which can increase the performance of your Internet site and reduce the created server load substantially. Anytime a web page on an application-powered website is visited, the application connects to the database and "asks" what info should be displayed, and then fetches it. With Memcached, these steps are skipped, as the platform has already cached the content that should appear on a given web page. When any content is edited, the Memcached content is updated too, so the users will never see old data. The platform is a perfect option for any website that has lots of visitors, as it will make it extremely fast and will enhance the overall user experience.

Memcached in Cloud Web Hosting

If you host script-based sites in a cloud web hosting account with us, you’ll be able to add the Memcached memory caching system to your hosting package with just a few mouse clicks through your Hepsia Control Panel. The upgrade will be available instantly and, since the PHP extension required for it is already installed on our leading-edge cloud website hosting platform, you can start using it straight away. To give you more versatility, we offer two separate upgrades related to the number of instances (i.e. how many sites will use Memcached) and to the system memory that Memcached will use. The latter is available in increments of 16 megabytes and you can order memory as many times as you like. Naturally, the more memory Memcached is permitted to use, the more content it will cache, so in case you own a traffic-hungry site with lots of data, you may need more memory so as to be able to make the most of the power that Memcached can offer you.