Every time you upload data on a web hosting server, it will take an amount of space on the hard disk drive depending on its particular overall size. In case you operate a script-driven site which stores its data in a database, it will take more disk space, the more people use it. To give an example, in the event that you have a discussion forum, the greater number of responses people share, the bigger the database gets. E-mails, especially ones having attachments, also require some space in the website hosting account. The HDD space quota you will get with any cloud web hosting provider is the total amount of data you could have at any moment, and it incorporates website files, e-mail messages and databases. Likewise, a PC has a hard disk drive and the computer programs installed on it as well as all of the docs and / or music files that you make or download require storage, which can't exceed the overall capacity of your hdd.

Disk Space in Cloud Web Hosting

Our cloud web hosting plans were created with the concept that insufficient hard disk space shouldn't be a thing that will limit the progress of your sites. That is why we have taken a technique which is different from the one that most website hosting suppliers use - instead of creating all of the accounts using one server and eventually running out of hard disk space, we work with a cloud hosting platform where the storage space is taken care of by a large collection of servers. That's why, we can easily connect more machines when they're needed and more hard drives, so as to offer extra disk space for all the files of our valued clients. Individual clusters manage your e-mail messages and your databases, consequently not only will you be able to enhance your websites not worrying about hard drive space, but also all of the servers will perform better and faster considering the fact that every single service has its own space for storing and one server does not handle various types of files.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Using our dedicated servers you'll get all the hard disk space that you will need for your websites, databases, email messages and applications. Hundreds of gigabytes of storage space will be accessible and not shared with others, thus you can upload all the info you will need - site files, personal or company archive backups, etc. You will have no less than two hard disk drives that work well in RAID, so that one drive will mirror the other in real time in order to guarantee that all your important information is always secured. If you like, you will be able to use the disks independently and employ the entire storage space the way you see fit. When needed, you'll be able to get supplementary hard drives linked to the server to have even additional disk space. You will have the option to set up web hosting accounts with pre-set hdd storage allocations when you order the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the website hosting Control Panel. With Hepsia, which is the third Control Panel choice on the order page, all of the domain names hosted on your server will share the hard disk space and they'll be operated through a single account. In either case, our dedicated packages will satisfy all your requirements regardless of the type of site you want to host.